Secondary School

Welcome to Ark School's Secondary Division, where academic excellence meets character development in a vibrant and supportive learning community. Our unique blend of the Uganda National Curriculum and ACE program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed academically, morally, and spiritually

Comprehensive Curriculum

In our Secondary Division, students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses the academic rigor of the Uganda National Curriculum and the character-building principles of the ACE program. With a focus on academic excellence, our curriculum covers a wide range of subjects including mathematics, sciences, humanities, languages, and vocational skills, ensuring that students receive a holistic education that prepares them for higher education and beyond.

Value-Based Education

At Ark School, we understand the importance of nurturing students’ character and spiritual growth alongside their academic pursuits. Through the ACE program, students learn biblical values, ethical principles, and life skills that equip them to navigate the challenges of adolescence and adulthood with integrity, compassion, and purpose. Our commitment to values-based education sets us apart and empowers students to become responsible citizens and leaders in their communities.

Supportive Environment

In addition to our robust curriculum, Ark School provides a supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to excel academically, grow personally, and explore their interests and talents. With dedicated teachers, modern facilities, and a vibrant school culture, we foster a sense of belonging and inspire students to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives.

What’s Next ?