Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive here at the Ark International School.
Applications can be submitted anytime through out the year. It is however better to submit earlier to secure a place.
Our initial assessments are based on academic reports from the previous school
Yes we offer lunch. It is optional for the student. We serve a balance diet through out the week.
Yes the school has a uniform and the students are expected to be in uniform while attending class. The day care section does not have uniforms.
We support all students in the school and have experienced teachers who are capable of handling individual and targeted needs.
The school is wall fenced and we have security staff at the gates who ensure that all visitors are checked and registered at all times. Unknown individuals are not allowed to access students.
Yes the school has a nurse on duty to attend to minor issues when students are in school and will call parents in the event a doctor is needed.
Yes, we pick students from home to school and take them back home after school.
We have a well socked library with text books, journals and magazines
The students can take part in any of our clubs. These clubs include bible study,scout,chess,ballet,art/music and cookery

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