School Anthem

Ark School's anthem exudes growth, faith, and resilience. It champions excellence guided by God's wisdom, emphasizing moral development and leadership. It celebrates divine blessings and acknowledges achievements through God's grace.

Ark school growing, soaringhigher! 
Rising up the world’s highway
Raised for greatness, in God’s wisdom
With comfort, care & Hiscompassion!
Strong education, counsel, guidance,
Prayerful discipline,
We the Ark school waxing stronger,
Only by the grace of God!
We children are a heritage from God,
The offspring of the Father’s greatreward
We Trained up in the way that weshould go
Fear GOD & grow in wisdom,excellence. 
Transformed, wholesome, exemplary
Truthful, puissant character
We’re God’s righteous generation,
That’s marching on to take thelead. 
We the ark school growing wiser,
We the ark school soaringhigher, 
We the ark school waxing stronger
Only by the Grace of God!

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