Welcome to the Ark Schools!

The Ark has been educating children since 2007, though much has changed over the years, our aim remains the same. The Ark represents a cross-section of the society and we are one big family regardless of our background. We learn to create new and strong bold bonds with each other which will last a lifetime. As a Christian school, we spread the Gospel and our motto of Care, Comfort, Compassion, and Commitment.

Our vision and mission are built around these 4Cs. With our small classroom numbers, our students begin a ten-year journey where each child is recognized and nurtured in their uniqueness. The development of each child’s character and personality is as important as academic outcome, that’s why we have extra programs on leadership and different intellectual development for every learner.

Our school emphasis is on Learning and not teaching. It is our effort to provide holistic education where children evolve as self-motivated, confident leaders with creative, spiritual and intellectual qualities.

Miriam Wipfler - Director.

To prepare learners to meet life’s challenges through intellectual, moral, social, emotional, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual development potentials.


To provide education in an identifiable Christian way that is well equipped, holistic and consolidated dynamic world.

Holistic Education Perspective: “Development of a whole child”
Concerned with critical roles such as:
• Direct engagement of learners to connection with the environment (real life experiences)
• Nurturing learners sense of wonder
• Learners value all (many) appropriate paths of learning
• Encourage reflection, questioning rather than memorization off facts.
• Keep alive the flame of intelligence of unique gifts contained with each learner

Core Values

• Engage all learners in the teaching/learning process
• Encourage learner’s personal and collective responsibility
• Learners are helped to find their identity, meaning and purpose in life
• Learners are helped to find their spiritual values such as compassion and peace
• Learners are helped to become resilient and good leaders
• Learners are helped to see the beauty in life experiences and to appreciate some sense of truth

School Calendar

Kindergartens: Arrival 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. Pick up 1:00pm, 3:00-3:15pm.

Primary school: Arrival 7:00 – 7:45 a.m. Pick up 5:00pm – 5:25pm.

The school year starts in early February and continues through early December. The school year is divided into three terms or “quarters”.


The Ark Christian school and is fully licensed and registered with the ministry of education in Uganda.


The Ark has a diverse range of students from different cultures. Our youngest class, ‘Baby Class’, has students who have turned three-years-old. Our oldest students, ‘primary 7’, who are 12 to 13 years of age who graduate and go to the secondary / high school level.


The Ark highlights, news and events are now on the Blog page and Facebook. “Like our page” to get regular school updates.


The Ark Christian School is an independent & private organization committed to social impact in the community, integrity, transparency and accountability in its governance and operations. The school’s board of directors are Christians with a shared vision for extending Godly values and leadership in children.


The board of directors are the legal custodians of the company and bear ultimate responsibility for the school. They safeguard the long-term academic quality and Christian foundation of the school by appointing the school board and by approving changes to the school’s mission and vision, annual budget and annual audit.
Miriam Wipfler, Managing Director


Our highly qualified and motivated teaching staff are carefully selected for their teaching excellence and ability to actively engage students in the learning process.


We focus on producing God fearing, holistic children in a well-equipped and secure learning environment to compete favorably in rapidly changing environments


Teaching the national curriculum for Uganda, we enhance it with extra special educational activities to meet the individual needs of the children through a rich academic program


The Ark is family-friendly. Parents are a valuable asset to the school, participating in the school meetings and decision making committee for the school, and many other areas of school life.